SCP Foundation: Field Investigators

Session 1
Investigation Begins


The investigators arrive in Bedford and immediately begin the ground work for their investigation.

They quickly locate the local social library and gun enthusiasts as well as religious establishments.

Day 1 is spent making connections and getting a lay of the land.

Stanley Wrights office has been located and a message left with a receptionist regarding rifle enthusiasm
Betsy Davis has been located and one investigator has subscribed to the local library.


Investigators collaborate and plan next move.

Flour mill identified as area of interest.

Library and court archives searched.
Flour mill Scouted.

Flour mill found to be unremarkable. no evidence in archives directing toward it.

Library archives reveal renovation work taking place at a manor house owned by A.B Clayton.

Maps re-evaluated, showing more correlation to the manor house.

Stanley Wright responds to message, inviting the investigator on a shooting trip on saturday afternoon 1:30PM. Meeting place: Tobacco Fields under his ownership.

Manor scouted in daylight. Stopped at door.
Investigator heads to the office of Mr. Clayton to arrange an appointment,
Successful, Appointment arranged for 13/04/1921. 10:30 AM

Court archives re-searched, Information regarding manor renovations succesfully located and copied.

Investigator plans to scout the manor under cover of darkness.


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