This page will serve as a remainder to the things you learnt during your induction into the SCP Foundation

Induction Day: 5/4/1921

Your new job is as a field investigator working for the SCP Foundation. Secure. Contain. Protect.

The foundation is an unbelievable organisation, that is to say that you would not believe it exists had you not just been inducted.
It is the sworn duty of the foundation to secure and contain any anomaly not currently explainable by science for the safety of mankind.
This includes any phenomena, entity, location or object that exhibits properties considered anomalous.
As a field investigator with the society it is your job to locate anomalies worldwide and report them to the foundation for containment.

During your induction you will be put through a brief medical examination, this will allow us to take baseline levels of your physical and mental states prior to your work in the field
Our research and development department has recently discovered The Secret of Aging allowing us to altogether halt the process. We do not offer this to all employees, only the ones who are to valuable to lose to something like old age, like yourselves. This is of course top secret and disclosure of this information will result in your immediate termination.

Firstly you will be designated to a location and transported there with your team, Accommodation and welfare will be taken care of by your benefactors though field equipment will need to be purchased.
Your first pay cheque will be given after induction to invest in field gear.

Secondly you will each be given a unique code which can be given to any switchboard operator to connect to the foundation directly.

Your designated location will be one already of importance to the foundation that requires investigating.
You must prove or disprove the existence of an anomaly within the area.
This will be done through practical means. Evidence must be provided and is usually in the form of corroborated reports from the entire team that include personal witness to the anomaly or anomalous effects and exposure to the aforementioned.

Once you have gathered proof you must phone in the situation to the foundation, regardless of whether the proof is that of an anomaly, or proof of the opposite.
Once contacted and reports are collected via phone a containment team will be dispatched.
24 hours after the call someone will arrive at your registered address to collect personal statements with which to brief the containment team.
Once this procedure is complete you are given free reign to investigate, you are expected to closely monitor media locally, nationally and internationally for any signs of anomalies , i.e rumours and strange occurrences.
Once you have located a new location of interest you may contact the foundation and inform them of the transfer you require, once again transport and accommodation will be provided and the process is repeated.

Occasionally the foundation will contact you directly to assign missions if we feel your team is especially suited to them.

The foundation has many contacts in most public sectors which are at the disposal of field investigators.

The nature of any anomalies you investigate are strictly confidential and may not be shared with anyone, including staff, outside of your reports.

Your mission comes first, even before the law. Under reasonable circumstance illegal activity is allowed to complete an investigation.
Reasonable circumstance is considered to be anytime a crime is vital to solving an investigation, regardless of the crime.
If arrested during an investigation the foundation will use its influence to have you released, so long as your circumstance was reasonable.

Any anomaly should be investigated and reported regardless of how harmless or uninteresting it may seem.

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