The Chair


North America
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Population: 3243

Just over 12 months ago one of our agents began noting reports of a strange occurence involving a bespoke chair of undetermined origin.

The chair in question is said to have appeared and been used as a seat until either someone nearby or the sitter become aware of its presence, at the moment they became startled the chair vanished again leaving no trace.
These reports were originally dismissed as unimportant and most likely a hoax, until 4 months ago.
4 months ago sightings of the chair began increasing dramatically, enough for our operative to begin verifying witness accounts.

In the last 4 months there have been 34 reported sightings broken down as such:

  • 3 Foundation verified sightings
  • 15 police verified sightings
  • 16 Media verified sightings

Local maps placing the sightings have been included in your briefing folder should you wish to conduct further analysis

Descriptions of the Chair vary, but consistent details have been noted:

  • White cushion covering
  • Dark wooden colour
  • Ornate – designed to look like a person sitting: having an expertly carved face, hands and feet.

Contacts in the Area:

  • Thomas Naylor – Local Police Officer ( Undercover Operative)
  • Eugene Atkins – Hospital Director ( Foundation Informant)
  • John Lyons – Local Firefighter ( Foundation Informant)

Important Persons:

  • Bill Henderson – Eye Witness – Local Coal Miner
  • Peter Dixon – Eye Witness – Member of the Clergy
  • Betsy Davis – Eye Witness – Librarian

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The Chair

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